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Music Industry


Custom Crating, Packaging, & Shipping Solutions for the Music Industry

The music industry has a broad base, from those who create music to those who refurbish recording devices such as mixing consoles. Many who participate in the music industry require shipping services that meet safety standards and deadline demands.

If you want to get your equipment where it needs to go with confidence, you’ll want to work with a reliable shipping company. Craters & Freighters in Nashville has decades of experience and multiple solutions to ensure a successful shipment.

Various organizations and individuals depend on music-related shipping services, including:

  • Companies that refurbish recording equipment
  • Recording artists and studios
  • Distributors of musical equipment
  • Musical schools and theaters
  • Antique collectors & auction houses

An experienced shipping company has what it takes to transport your musical devices safely- domestically or internationally. Properly assessing each item will help determine the best packaging and shipping methods to use.

Services Customized to Each Item’s Specific Needs

Crating and shipping for a musical piece should never be one-size-fits-all. Your item is unique; its shipping details must meet your requirements but also be given the attention it deserves.

Whether we’ve shipped the item once or a thousand times, our approach is catered to you and it. Music industry leaders need to trust that the shipping company they use will get their sensitive pieces of equipment to their destination safely.

Through an array of custom crating, packaging, and shipping solutions, you should feel confident with the support you receive. Custom crating ensures your musical asset has been thoroughly analyzed to fit securely inside its custom-engineered container with the correct cushioning and supports.

Insurance Coverage for Recording Equipment

Your shipment is valuable, so don’t pay the price should it get lost or damaged in the unpredictable shipping environment.

Types of insurance include:

  • Full Coverage Cargo – based on the declared value of the piece
  • Limited Liability Insurance – for lost items only

Should you decide to purchase insurance for your shipment, it’s generally covered from pickup to delivery. Contact us to learn more about insuring your musical assets.

On-Site Crating

If you have oversized, sensitive, valuable, or several music-related items to crate and ship, you may not have the ability to get them to the shipping warehouse safely. On-site crate designing and engineering will nurture a safe process for your items.

Don’t put your valuables at risk; our crating team can come to your location and create a protection plan for any item you need.

Contact our on-site crating experts to learn more.

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