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Custom Pallets & Skids


Purpose-Built Custom Pallets and Skids

Craters & Freighters Nashville can build custom wood pallets and skids for virtually anything that must be shipped or stored with confidence. Sturdy skids and pallets are a great alternative to wood crates for large pieces of machinery, industrial equipment and for items not needing more extensive packaging.

Our shipping professionals work with several Nashville industries that use our comprehensive palletizing and shipping solutions for their valuable, oversized, durable assets. If your items need reliable and secure pallet transportation, whether domestically or internationally, we’re ready to help.

Customized Pallets

A pallet is a low, portable platform with or without sides. Pallets are used to store, ship, and move anything from raw materials to finished goods. Pallets or load bases are typically built of wood and can be designed to any specification in order to support loads of varying size and weight distribution.

Our team designs pallets for multiple Nashville industries, including:

These vital, high-powered organizations rely on our expertise and guidance to handle overly complex pieces of equipment, devices, and goods. At Craters & Freighters Nashville, we have the high-quality materials, insight, and experience to custom design pallets for almost any asset, ensuring its safety throughout the shipping stream or while in storage.

Multi-Purpose Skids

  • A skid is a platform supported by two or more parallel runners that raise the platform to make it easier to lift with mechanical equipment.
  • A skid differs from a pallet or load base in that it is typically higher and does not have additional cross members and stringers as support below the runners.
  • Skids are used to stabilize loads and help with storage, handling, and transportation.

We use only the highest quality of wood and materials to support your rugged, solid, and bulky assets. Our skids are designed to keep these large items safe and secure while being transported. You can trust our designers to build tailored skids that will successfully move your equipment pieces or goods wherever they need to go.

Benefits of Skids & Pallets with Craters & Freighters 

We understand that your business involves the responsible movement of machinery and equipment, and that doesn’t always mean custom wooden crates are necessary. Our team can determine whether a skid and pallet design would be a more efficient way of shipping or storing items, saving you time and money.

Some benefits of using skids and pallets include:

  • Ease of transport of your items
  • Security and protection of your items 
  • Strong design that outperforms corrugated
  • Less space is needed than a crate or box
  • Reusable and recyclable materials used
  • Weight and size is less than a crate 

Your sturdy assets may be traveling by air, land, or sea; you can rest assured that our shipping team knows the rigors of each. We’ll handle and manage your assets from start to finish utilizing our decades-long experience and a global network, giving you peace of mind. 

When your shipping or storage project involves industrial-strength machinery and equipment, our skid and pallet team of experts will provide all the solutions you need.

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